Strict management of foreign doctors practicing medicine in China

Medical care is related to the safety of patients lives and is an area that should be strictly controlled.

Developed countries In developed countries, foreign doctors have strict admission systems for practicing medicine.

From 1995 to 1997, I received funding from the American Plastic Surgery Education Foundation. I was a clinical visiting scholar in the United States for a period of time. I had the opportunity to learn clinical techniques with American doctors. At that time, I was already an associate professor and deputy chief physician. Many plastic surgery operations have already been performed very well and can be regarded as a very experienced plastic surgeon. However, the United States will never allow me to perform independent surgery. Even if I am on stage as an assistant, I still need Strict approval.

If you want to practice medicine in the United States as an orthopedic surgeon, you must pass the graduation exam of the American Medical School and complete 6 years of standardized training for plastic surgery residents. All medical practices of foreign doctors in their home country will not be taken into account, even if they are already well-known doctors in the country, there can be no exceptions.

Americans do this because they believe that practicing medicine is about the health and safety of their patients, and they ca n’t be negligent.

Americans While protecting the safety of patients, Americans are actually protecting the rights and interests of their doctors.

In contrast, in China, foreign doctors are particularly easy to practice in China. Even if the language is incomprehensible, and they do not understand the various rules and regulations and procedures of Chinese medical care, they have not passed any assessment. As long as they are graduates of foreign medical schools, they can practice medicine in China through simple administrative examination.

If there is no language, there is no way to fully communicate with the patient, and full communication with the patient is the basis for the doctor to formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan after understanding the patient s condition.

If you don t understand China s medical regulations and rules, how can you do a good job in medical treatment?

How can I know if a foreign doctor has the ability to practice medicine without undergoing rigorous assessment?

Our country has very strict control over its own doctors, but it is very loose for foreign doctors to practice medicine in China.

I dont know about other professional situations, but there are a large number of foreign doctors and Taiwanese doctors in the medical cosmetic industry, especially Korean doctors. Only a few of these doctors are good doctors. Most doctors do not have good medical skills. Some people even A doctor who can t get mixed up in his home country.

However, in order to carry out propaganda and marketing, some domestic institutions have deceived their compatriots who do not know the truth, arrogantly advocating that these foreign doctors have good medical skills and advanced technology, which has led to many deceived Americans.

Therefore, it is time to strictly review these foreign doctors, both to protect the interests of ordinary people and to protect the rights and interests of Chinese doctors.

Recently, Beijing has begun to strictly control the practice of foreign doctors in China. This is great news. I hope this work can be extended to all parts of the country.

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