Suspected of marriage in 2019 requires some evidence

One is a legal marriage with a marriage certificate, and the other is a marriage where the couple live together in the name of a couple without a marriage certificate and have met the essential requirements of marriage before 1994. Therefore, regarding what evidence is needed for bigamy, there are two specific points:

1. Legal marriage with a marriage certificate: This situation is relatively simple, and the required evidence is direct evidence such as marriage registration or forgery of a marriage certificate, and birth certificates for children born with others.

2. Living together in the name of a husband and wife without a marriage certificate and meeting marriage before 1994 is a substantive requirement: in this case, there is no direct evidence like the previous one, so it is more troublesome to collect evidence, which can be collected Evidence includes: witness testimony from a friend, letter of guarantee from an extramarital affair, confession, etc., photos and videos of both parties entering and leaving the same affair, and intimate text messages sent by both parties.

(1) Registered marriage with spouse, registered marriage with others and remarried, that is, the marriage of two legal marriages. Someone who has a spouse has registered marriage with another person, some bigamy have deceived the marriage registration authority to obtain a marriage certificate , and some bigamy people and staff of the registration authority have colluded to cheat to obtain a marriage certificate.

(2) Marriage registration with the original spouse, and no marriage registration with other people but living together in a spouse relationship and remarried, this is a legal marriage followed by a de facto marriage.

(3) Marriage is not registered with the spouse and others, but they have remarried together with the spouse and others in a spousal relationship.

(4) Unmarried with spouse but living together as husband and wife, and then registering marriage with others and remarrying. This is the first legal marriage.

In fact, the main evidence is direct evidence such as marriage registration, birth certificates of children born with others, confession, etc. Of course, indirect evidence is also essential.

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