Tax refunds for foreigners shopping in Jinan! 23 stores first identified

Tax refunds for foreigners shopping in Jinan! 23 stores first identified

On the 8th, Qilu Evening News reporter Qilu Yidian learned from Jinan s overseas departure tax refund press conference that Jinan City, as one of the first pilot cities in Shandong Province to implement the tax refund policy for overseas travellers shopping, has been overseas since October 1. Tourists implement the shopping departure tax refund policy, and 23 designated departure tax refund stores have been identified.

Actually get 9% tax refund

The so-called departure tax refund refers to the refund of value-added tax on overseas tax-free goods purchased by tax-free shops when overseas passengers leave the port.

According to Wang Yuzhu, deputy director of the Finance Bureau of Jinan City, foreigners and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have lived in China for less than 183 consecutive days can apply for tax refunds, but they must meet four conditions. The minimum amount of tax refund items purchased by the same overseas passenger on the same day at the same tax refund store is 500 yuan; the tax refund items have not yet been activated or consumed; the departure date does not exceed 90 days from the date of purchase of the tax refund items; Or check out with you.

According to relevant regulations, the tax rebate rate of overseas tax refund items for overseas passengers shopping is 11%, and the tax refund currency is Renminbi. That is, after shopping at the tax refund store, foreign tourists can apply for a proportion of 11 % of the sales invoice amount of tax refund items (including VAT) For tax refunds, a handling fee of 2 percentage points is charged, and foreign tourists actually get 9 percentage points of tax refunds.

Only Three steps for tax refund

Jinan Yaoqiang Airport is currently the only departure tax refund port in Jinan. Bank of China Jinan Branch is the sole agency for departure tax refund in our city. The departure tax refund is set up in the offshore isolation zone that handles the departure procedures for overseas passengers. Customs and tax refund agencies handle the same.

The process of applying for departure tax refund is actually very simple. For foreign tourists, after purchasing tax refund items at the tax refund store, they should obtain a valid ID card and a general value-added tax invoice for the purchase of tax refund items from the tax refund store to obtain the Departure Tax Refund Application Form from overseas tourists for inspection at the customs; Then apply for a VAT refund with the valid identity document and the Departure Tax Refund Application Form verified and signed by the customs to the tax refund agency located in the departure port quarantine area. After the tax refund agency reviews the information correctly, Refund tax and charge a handling fee.

In Jinan, there are fewer opportunities to meet foreigners than in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. In fact, the number of inbound tourists in Jinan has also increased slightly. Qilu Evening News reporter learned from the 2015 Jinan National Economic and Social Development Statistical Bulletin that in 2015, Jinan received 60.944 million domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year. Among these tourists, there were 3329 thousand inbound tourists, compared with 2014, The number increased by 5.9%, and the amount of inbound tourists spending was 18.41 million US dollars, which also increased by 8.0%.

Although the number of inbound tourists and consumption has increased, looking at Jinan as a whole, the city s outward orientation is still not enough. How do you attract foreign tourists to visit and spend money in Jinan? According to the relevant person in charge of the Jinan Municipal Government, the implementation of the tax rebate policy for overseas tourists is actually a favorable measure to increase outwardness. This measure can not only attract foreign tourists to Jinan, but also extend the length of stay of foreign tourists in Jinan and increase the tourist spending of foreign tourists in Jinan.

Jinan tax refund record store:

1, Guihe Shopping Center, Shandong Luneng Trading Co., Ltd.

2, Ginza Group Co., Ltd.

3, Shandong Ginza Mall Co., Ltd.

4, Yuhan Branch of Shandong Ginza Mall Co., Ltd.

5, Shandong Youte Tourism Commodity Marketing Co., Ltd.

6, under the Jinan Telu Trading Co., Ltd.

7, Overpass Jinan Ginza North Park Shopping Plaza Co., Ltd.

8, Licheng Jinan Hualian Supermarket Co., Ltd. Beiyuan Store

9, Licheng Jinan Hualian Guodian Supermarket Co., Ltd.

10, Licheng Jinan Hualian Steel City Supermarket Co., Ltd.

11, Hongcheng Branch of Licheng Shandong Ginza Mall Co., Ltd.

12, Licheng Jinan Linton Trading Company

13, Licheng Fuzhou Haowang Trading Co., Ltd. Jinan International Airport First Branch

14, Huaiyin Jinan Hualian Commercial Building Group Co., Ltd.

15, Huaiyin Jinan Jiahua Shopping Plaza Group Co., Ltd. (Shopping Plaza)

16, Huaiyin Jinan Jiahua Shopping Plaza Group Co., Ltd. (Xinhualian Shopping Plaza)

17, Huaiyin Jinan Jiahua Shopping Plaza Group Co., Ltd. (Supermarket Jiahua Store)

18, Huaiyin Jinan Hualian Supermarket Co., Ltd.

19, Huaiyin Jinan Hualian Jingqi Supermarket Co., Ltd.

20, Huaiyin Jinan Ginza Real Estate Co., Ltd. Zhenxing Street Shopping Center

21, Huazhong Homeland Supermarket Co., Ltd.

22, Zhongshan Shandong Zhenhua Jinan People s Department Store Co., Ltd.

23, City Jinan Ginza Mall Co., Ltd.

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