The 8th Annual Meeting of the European and American Alumni Association (Chinese Students Association

The 8th Annual Meeting of European and American Alumni Association (Chinese Students Association) and the Jinan Summit of Returnees Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Ji nan

From November 5th to 6th, the 8th annual meeting of the European and American Alumni Association (China Association of Chinese Students Studying Abroad) and the Jinan Summit of Returnees Innovation and Entrepreneurship opened in Jinan, Quancheng. Some 1,000 people including local organizations, group members, overseas students bases, local colleges of returnee entrepreneurship colleges, and representatives of returned overseas students gathered in Qilu to seek common development.

Taking the summit as the media, making friends, promoting, and making friends, the County Investment Promotion Bureau adheres to the principles of resource sharing, complementary advantages, and industrial docking, and upholds the investment invitation concept of pleasing the near, the distant , and living in peace . Actively organize the investment promotion team to go to the event site, make full use of the investment resources brought by the summit to promote the endowment of Shanghe resources, industrial advantages, investment policies, and investment environment, and exchange information and business cards with the guests at the conference.

Especially at the four thematic forum activities such as the Medical Rehabilitation and Biomedicine Industry Forum and the Intelligent Manufacturing and High-end Equipment Industry Forum, the investment promotion commissioner continued to conduct on-site docking exchanges on the basis of accurate communication in the early stage. In particular, we provide one-on-one, personalized, and precise investment invitation services for each innovator, entrepreneur, and creator. We strive to provide more investment cooperation references for returnees and hope to further expand Shanghe in China through them. Outstanding visibility and reputation.

In the field of modern agriculture, the chairman of Hu Gongluo, a British guest from Heilongjiang, and Duan Dongfei, general manager of Jianyu Agriculture from South Korea, gave full recognition to Shanghe s agricultural environment. Director Mu Jun, a guest from the UK, who is studying at Yidu Talent Service Center, is very optimistic about Shanghe s investment environment, and expressed his willingness to introduce more businessmen and Shanghe to explore cooperation possibilities through their personal connections.

The Jinan Summit on Returnees Innovation and Entrepreneurship held this time aims to make full use of the advantages of the European and American Alumni Association s research talent pool, advice tanks and think tanks, and the power of private diplomacy to build a platform for overseas talent study abroad, an innovation and entrepreneurship platform, and promote Shandong Provincial new era modernization and strong provincial construction and Jinan modern international metropolis construction. Chen Zhu, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People s Congress and president of the European and American Alumni Association, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

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