The city with the most foreigners in China, with a population of 80,000, not Beijing or Shanghai

According to surveys, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China has always been the city with the most foreigners. In last year s statistics, there were more foreign friends in Guangzhou than in other cities, reaching more than 80,000 people, among which Japan and South Korea are common Canadian and Indian.

Guangzhou, as the provincial capital, is a diversified international metropolis. In the process of development, Guangzhou has gradually become the third largest city after Beijing and Shanghai, and it is very influential in China.

In fact, Guangzhou was the only city that could be opened to the outside world as early as the Qing Dynasty closed its doors. Due to its special location, it has become the place with the most foreigners in China since then. Guangzhou is not only inclusive, but its influence on trade cannot be underestimated. From the early days, China s trade with overseas countries had to pass here, which also attracted many foreigners. When the Import and Export Trade Exchange Conference is held in Guangzhou every year, even more foreigners come to Guangzhou. At that time, the number of foreigners who came to Guangzhou was as high as 120,000.

Guangzhou s current development also has many absolute advantages. Maybe everyone knows Beijing, Guangzhou and Guangzhou , which means Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Guangzhou ranks third in the overall GDP ranking of cities across the country, with GDP exceeding 2 trillion . In fact, the city is most proud of not many foreigners, but with the development of Guangzhou, Guangzhou is now known as the third capital of our country.

This proves that Guangzhou s status is indelible in our country. Now Guangzhou s development is getting better and better and more international. In the early days, foreigners would prefer to go to Beijing, but because the smog is a bit severe and the traffic is not very Good relationships have gradually reduced the number of people; while Shanghai has a high price and a fast pace of life, many foreigners have come to Guangzhou. Compared to Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou is now the most inclusive.

What do you think of Shanghai and Beijing that are not in front of Guangzhou after reading these? If you are a foreigner, which city would you prefer to go to?

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