The country’s first single tax refund counter can be set up. Foreigners are more convenient to shop

Recently, the convenience of rebate now for departure tax rebates has come to Shanghai. In the future, foreigners will come to Shanghai for shopping. With one hand of goods, they will receive tax cash in one hand, and the shopping experience will be greatly improved.

China Business News reporter learned that in the first month of trial operation, the first three “buy and return” pilot stores in Shanghai have successfully issued 12 “buy and refund” application forms to tourists from Japan, Australia, and Taiwan for tax refund items . Sales totaled 71,000 yuan, and about 6,500 yuan was refunded on the spot for passengers.

Shopping in Shanghai, you can directly receive tax cash at the counter, this service is very intimate. Yanagi soichiro (Yao Zongichiro) from Japan is the first person in Shanghai to experience the buy and return pilot service. He told reporters , It is very happy to get tax refund cash directly after shopping in this mall, and it also saves me the time to go to the airport for tax refunds. The departure tax refund service in Shanghai is really better.

Sense The sense of tax refund experience for foreigners is up!

China Business News reporter learned in Shanghai tax department that Shanghai has implemented the tax refund policy for more than three years. With the increasing volume of tax refund business in Shanghai, foreign tourists consumption scale, brand agglomeration and service management practices have achieved good results . The basic conditions, departure tax rebate and sales ranked third in the country for the third consecutive year.

After more than a year of exploration and demonstration, the Shanghai tax department pioneered the buy now and return service first.

Under this service, as long as eligible overseas visitors shop in the pilot tax refund store and obtain the Departure Tax Refund Application Form, they can first collect RMB cash equivalent to the amount of the VAT refund for tax refund items in the pilot store .

A passenger from Australia, Jennifer L., said after receiving cash in advance, It is more user-friendly and more convenient to provide a buy-and-refund service at the store than to handle tax refund at the airport.

Buy now and return service allows more foreign tourists to leave a good memory of the Shanghai Shopping brand in Buy Buy and Buy.

Tax refunds promote the development of the department store industry

Passengers who enjoy the buy now and return service, although they still need to go through customs to check the tax refund items before going to the tax refund agency at the departure port isolation zone, as long as they submit the information, they can go through the relevant confirmation procedures. The whole process Very concise and convenient.

New World Daimaru Department Store, Ruiou Department Store, and Bailian Outlets adjacent to the Hongqiao Business District are the first batch of Buy and Refund pilot stores in Shanghai. The content of the service of “Refund”, Shanghai Taxation Department cooperated with the pilot store and carefully designed and produced a “Buy Now Refund” service card, so that customers who enter the store can enjoy the tax refund at a glance and enjoy the convenience.

Li Haifeng, deputy general manager of Shinsegae Daimaru Department Store, told reporters, The pilot of buy now and return is also an innovative and beneficial service for the department store industry, while facilitating overseas customers, and stimulating tourists to make a second purchase in our store. Motivation has boosted mall sales and helped us build a more attractive shopping environment.

The person in charge of the export tax rebate service and administration of the Shanghai Municipal Taxation Bureau introduced, Next, as the amount of tax rebate services gradually increases and the influence of the buy and rebate service continues to increase, we will steadily expand the scope of the pilot and encourage more Qualified and willing high-quality merchants to join the pilot service will allow more products and established brands with Chinese characteristics to come out and attract more foreigners to buy.

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