The first free tax rebate shop opened in Henan Free Trade Zone

The first departure tax refund shop in Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone opened in Kaifeng, which means that overseas tourists traveling in Kaifeng City, if the departure date is less than 90 days from the date of purchase of the tax refund items, can be held at the designated tax refund store where the items are purchased, holding the tax refund Application forms such as tax refund certificates apply for tax refund.

On the same day, the reporter came to the tax refund shop. The shop is divided into two parts: the departure duty-free zone and the immigration bonded zone. The departure tax refund area displays products with Kaifeng characteristics, including barrel chicken, chrysanthemum crisps, sesame chips, spicy peanuts and other food Most of them are cultural and creative products that incorporate Kailiang culture, such as eight beams of Jingliang, Huangcheng culture, Fu culture, calligraphy and painting culture, coin culture, and water Margin culture, including Baogong pillows, Baogong dolls, embroidered wallets, wooden new year notebooks, and cultural products. More than 20 kinds of porcelain gift boxes. The products in the Free Trade Zone mainly come from South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, etc. They cover cosmetics, food and daily necessities, and the prices are relatively cheap. Such as the new set of boxes-Tian rate Dan 7-piece set, online prices ranging from 2150 yuan to 2350 yuan, her e only need 1950 yuan.

According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation, the departure tax refund policy applies to foreigners and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan compatriots who have lived in China for less than 183 consecutive days. The purchase amount reaches the threshold and the tax refund certificate such as a tax refund application form is obtained in accordance with the regulations; the tax refund items have not been activated or consumed; the departure date is less than 90 days from the date of purchase of the tax refund items; Four conditions for checked baggage departure. Finance from departure tax refund shop Cao Jing introduced that the shop s starting point for purchases is 500 yuan, and overseas tourists spending more than 500 yuan will issue relevant VAT invoices and departure tax refund slips. Before departure, tourists rely on invoices And departure tax refund forms can be handled at the customs de partment.

The establishment of the first departure tax refund shop in Henan Free Trade Zone marks that Kaifeng has actively responded to the country s Belt and Road initiative and has taken an important step to integrate with the international market. To stimulate the enthusiasm of foreign tourists for consumption, drive the development of tourism and related industries, shape the good image of Kaifeng and the Henan Free Trade Zone, and promote the high-quality development and green growth of Kaifeng s economy.

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