The first time foreigners eat Chinese food, surprise!

Chinese culture is profound and profound, and the food is rich and colorful. I once heard a foreigner said that he vowed to eat Chinese food in one year. As a result, three years have passed. He has not eaten Sichuan yet, which is enough to confirm the charm and diversity of Chinese cuisine. Western countries generally use bread and milk as their main food. Unlike China, a rice can make hundreds of patterns.
I used to be curious when I was not in contact with foreign friends. As a food capital, China has come to China for the first time to eat Chinese food. Later, after his own personal experience and the narratives of his friends, Xiao Bian finally I know, it turns out that foreigners have eaten Chinese food like this…
Once I heard that there are two foreigners who are on a business trip to China (specifically, what project should be investigated), because the plane will pass through a skewer shop in a snack street, so they will eat the skewers directly, and then eat them later. After almost a week of stringing, I learned a good Chinese “string string”, and finally they lost half of the meaning of coming to China… I also suspect that the first Chinese characters they know are “strings”…
A friend of mine has opened a Chinese restaurant abroad. He has good craftsmanship and the Chinese cuisine is very delicious. Therefore, his restaurant is full every day, especially the hot and sour potato and vinegar. Braised pork can already buy several foreign sexy girls. He often said: I will never forget the oh my god!! after they tasted the dishes I made (not only when I eat…)
A friend of my friend, no matter what kind of snacks I eat on the Chinese snack street, asks them to say that they are delicious and delicious. I have been thinking that they are so easy to satisfy? I really sympathize with them, until one day, when I went out to the snack street with his foreign friend, I bought a bunch of loose eggs! (Special smell) After eating, people will eat, and then there will be no more!
I remember a foreign friend who lived alone in China for many years (people are relatively lonely, so there are fewer friends to contact). Because there is something in the family that is about to leave China soon, I specially took him to eat the sliver (mainly to save money). At that time, I also liked to eat the slivers. As a result, I just cried and cried him. I always remembered his sentence: Why is there a lot of delicious food in China that I have to know before leaving? Why do Chinese people have so much food in China that they still want to eat McDonald’s?

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