The most foreign universities in China

1. Beijing Language and Culture University

It is said that the ratio of foreigners to Chinese is 7: 3. There are more foreign students than Chinese students. (However, according to the 13-year data, the school has more than 40,000 Chinese students and nearly 9,000 foreign students. Judging by this, it is still a well-deserved first), but when you really enter the campus, you are nicknamed the little United Nations just like you have gone abroad.

2. Shanghai International Studies University

Shanghai University of Foreign Studies is the first higher foreign language institution established after the founding of New China. It is one of the first national key universities to enter the national 211 Project and double first-class world-class disciplines. At present, there are 6,798 undergraduates and 3645 graduate students; there are 4,751 foreign students. In terms of proportion, Shanghai International Studies University is the first. The ratio of Chinese and foreign students has reached 2: 1.

3. Tongji University

Tongji University s predecessor was the German Medical School founded by German doctor Erich Paulon in Shanghai in 1907. German origin and cooperation with Germany and Europe are quite frequent, so there are many foreigners.

At present, of the 40,000 students in the school, there are nearly 4,000 international students, and many of them are European and American. Since Chinese students and foreign students take the opposite course, the rows of less than 1.99 meters can be seen on the way every day. Wall came.

4. Jinan University

Tong Jinan University is the first state-sponsored overseas Chinese university founded in China. It is directly under the leadership of the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs of the State Council.

Tongjin University has a very high reputation among overseas Chinese, and many overseas Chinese will choose to come to China to study in this school.

There are a large number of overseas Chinese in the school. Although it can t be distinguished from us, it is indeed one of the schools with a lot of foreigners.

5. Fudan University

According to data from Fudan University, as of 2015, Fudan University had 14,100 junior college students, 14,800 graduate students, and more than 3,000 degree students. This number is also considerable, because most of China s famous universities have about 1,000 foreign students.

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