The number of foreign students in Chinese universities ranks Shandong University only 18, who is the

Since the reform and opening up, Chinese universities have begun to accept international students. As of 2018, the number of international students in China has exceeded 100,000, distributed among more than 600 universities in China.

On the other hand, in the ranking of universities by world institutions, the number of international students is used as an important indicator of university internationalization. With the support of national policies, universities in China are keen to attract international students from various countries, and at the same time give generously. Material treatment.

Which university in China has the largest number of international students?

According to the 2016 statistics of foreign students studying in China published by the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Education, the Arisen China Alumni Association website recently released the 2019 Alumni Association s Top 100 International University Students in China.

The report shows that Beijing Language and Culture University is the most popular among international students, with 9,886 international students.

Because the original intention of the establishment of this school was to export Chinese culture, the main majors were Chinese language and literature and Chinese as a foreign language.

Therefore, this university has also become the first choice for students who love Chinese culture in various countries, and the number of international students is naturally the largest.

The second highest ranking is Peking University, because Peking University s mathematics, archeology, and sociology are at the forefront of the world.

Therefore, many students from developing countries will give preference to Peking University when they go to study in China.

Shandong University, which recently caused controversy online because of the student companion incident, has 3597 international students, ranking 18th.

The number of international students at Sheshan University is not large in all universities. But the foreign students of Shandong University are mainly from developing countries in Africa and Asia.

In fact, attracting more international students to study in China is a good thing. It will allow more people to understand and fall in love with Chinese culture. This is also a manifestation of China s comprehensive national strength and internationalization.

But some colleges and universities give better treatment to international students and it does undermine the principle of fairness, which is inappropriate.

Recently, the Half-moon Talk under the Xinhua News Agency has published an article It is time for foreign students to become ordinary members of Chinese university campuses! I believe this phenomenon will change in the near future!

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