The worst emperor has been hacked, there is no place for burial after death, the tomb was found in t

Candidates who cannot be ignored anyway. The ability itself is not bad, and several major events during his reign can be considered as far-sighted. From the perspective of today, sin is in the present moment and success is in the past. To say that Yang Guang s only mistake was that he was too anxious to complete a few century projects in a short period of time. In the end, he not only lost his reputation, but was sacrificed to the Sui Dynasty. His evil concubine was called for thousands of years. A typical example of violent faintness among all emperors.

In ancient China, where the thick burial system prevailed, anyone with a certain social status would be buried in a beautiful manner after death. As an emperor of the dynasty, after being killed and killed by his subordinates in 618 AD, Yang Guang not only did not enjoy the treatment of thick burial, but his body was almost thrown out into the wilderness. Later, fortunately, it was Queen Empress Xiao who read a couple s favor, and ordered people to make a coffin on the bed to converge Yang Guang s body and place it in Jiangdu Palace. Only one generation of emperor was saved from the tragic death. Result.

Although the crowd pushed against the wall, the group who killed Yang Guang was full of benevolence and morality, and shouted that slogans such as eradicating tyrants for the people of the world were actually 觊觎 thrones and powers. Yang Guang s followers still had them . After Yu culture and leaving Chengdu, Jiang Dushou, who had been favored by the Emperor of the Sui Dynasty, sent Yang Leng to pay tribute to Emperor Sui Yang in return for the gratitude of the old master. His body was also relocated from Jiangdu Palace to Wu Gongtai, and Yang Guang was able to enter the ground for peace.

5 In May 618, Li Yuan became emperor, and his country was named Tang, which established it as the most powerful dynasty in Chinese history. You know, the Li Yuan family did not have any festivals with the Sui Dynasty, but they also received favors. At the beginning of Li Yuan s uprising, he was not anti-Sui Dynasty, but was against the rebels under the banner of respecting Sui. Even after occupying Chang an, Li Yuan still held Yang Guang s grandson Yang Yang as Sui Gongdi. Although he was just a coward, he also honestly made more than one name.

Therefore, after the establishment of Li Tang, Li Yuan ordered that Emperor Yang s body be buried in Leitang, north of Yangzhou according to the emperor s specifications. At this point, the treatment of a generation of emperors was equal to their identity . But this is not over. In 647, Empress Xiao died. This woman Wanshun was intelligent, knowledgeable, knowledgeable, and sincere. She repeatedly pointed out Yang Guang s deficiencies and had a high reputation in the society at the time. Sadly, after the demise of the Sui Dynasty, the fifty-year-old queen fled to the rebels Yu culture and Dou Jiande, and then to exile in Turks. It was not until the Battle of Dingxiang in 629 AD that Li Shimin replaced Xiao The queen welcomed back to Chang an.

Even though the emperor was a former queen, Xiao Hou received high treatment after his death. Li Shimin ordered a new site selection and the construction of a high-spec mausoleum to bury Queen Xiao and Emperor Sui Yang. However, due to the lack of literature, although people know that there are many treasures in this tomb, they do not know where it is, and they are fortunate to avoid the patronage of past grave robbers. With the passage of time, the tomb of Emperor Suiyang and Empress Xiao was located on the southwest corner of Caozhuang, Situ Village, Xihu Town, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

4In April 2013, a real estate company worker was clearing the dump for a project and accidentally found two ancient tombs. Archaeologists came immediately after hearing the news. During the excavation process, they found an inscription engraved with the epitaph of the emperor of the Sui Dynasty , and the tomb was buried with a large amount of gilt bronze, jade and gold belts. The funeral items that can only be enjoyed after death, experts have concluded that this tomb is the tomb of Emperor Yang Guang of Sui Dynasty. A historical puzzle that has plagued people for thousands of years was thus accidentally solved.

It is worth mentioning that the owner of this real estate company responsible for the garbage dump project is named Yang Yong. Coincidentally, Yang Guang s brother is Yang Yong, the eldest son of Emperor Yang Jian of Sui Dynasty, the heir of the dynasty . Yang Yong has a beautiful appearance and a natural, intelligent and easy-to-learn nature. His personality is generous and gentle. He looks like an ideal prince. However, no man is perfect, he is lascivious and loves luxury, and he does not pay attention to court etiquette. He soon fell out of favor and was eventually dismissed as a puppet. When Yang Guang ascended the throne, fearing that Yang Yong would endanger the throne, he killed Yang Yong endlessly.

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