What are the conditions for foreigners to study in China?

The requirements for recruiting international students vary from college to college. The following are the admission requirements for most colleges.

1. Above 18 years old (General undergraduates are required to be under 30 years old, Chinese language courses are required to be under 65 years old, and there is no specific requirement for colleges).

2. Non-Chinese citizens.

3. Have education equivalent to high school or above in China.

4. The applicant passed the health check and has no criminal record.

5. Guarantor information must be provided. If you need to come to China at your own expense, you need to prepare a security deposit to support your study and living in China. Set).

6. After obtaining admission from the school, apply for an X1 student visa to come to China and apply for a residence permit for foreigners within 30 days of landing.

How much does it cost for a foreigner to study in China?

1. It depends on the school and the major

2. Tuition fees for foreigners are higher, but the Chinese government has scholarships. 20% of students who come to China for a degree will receive the full award. For details, please refer to the website and news of the Ministry of Education. China currently vigorously attracts international students. The goal is to have 50W international students in China by 2020.

For example, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Advanced Finance, 2 years master of finance, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign students are 2W USD. Chinese students are 7.6W RMB.

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