What information requirements do foreigners need to study in China?

I. Categories and conditions for accepting foreign students

1. Undergraduate students: have a degree equivalent to that of a senior high school graduate in China, and are under 25 years of age, and can enter undergraduate studies. Duration of study is four to six years.

2. Postgraduates: Those who pass the China Postgraduate Admissions Examination, or who have achieved excellent undergraduate results in Chinese universities, and who are recommended to be exempted from examinations, who are under 35 years old, can become masters. Study period is two to three years.

3. Doctoral students: Those who are recommended by two or more associate professors and passed the assessment of relevant institutions of higher learning in China, who are under 40 years old, can become doctoral students. Study period is two to three years.

4. Ordinary scholars: Students who have more than two years of university education and come to China to study in their original majors. They are under 35 years of age and can be arranged as ordinary scholars. The duration of study is one to two years .

5. Senior advanced students: graduated from university and have obtained the equivalent of a master s degree in China, or have obtained the qualifications for a doctoral degree. After coming to China, under the guidance of a Chinese tutor, they will improve on a certain subject, aged 45. Below, the length of study is generally one year.

II. Application Materials

1. Fill out and submit the Application Form for Foreign Students to Study in China printed by the Commission.

2. According to the items listed in the Health Certificate printed by the Commission, strictly conduct a physical examination and provide a formal health certificate of the hospital. Those who fail the test cannot come to China. If you find that you do not meet our health standards after coming to China, you should return to China within one month and pay for your own travel expenses.

3. A copy of the relevant academic credentials and transcripts and a notarized English or French translation.

4. In addition to the applicants for art majors, in addition to the materials required for 1, 2, and 3, there should also be recommendation letters from two teachers with qualifications of associate professor or above. And provide me with the following materials:

Those who study art history should submit the relevant papers; those who study music should submit a 30-minute recording of vocal or instrumental music; those who study art should submit three or six color photographs; first.

5. Except for undergraduates applying for art majors, the application materials are the same as those for advanced students, except for teachers recommendation letters. Those who study art history submit a review or article about art, and do not need to submit a dissertation .

The Regulations of the People s Republic of China on the Administration of Entry and Exit of Foreigners stipulates that foreigners holding residence permits for study need to provide assistance or internships in out-of-school field work, and they must apply to the entry-exit administration of public security organs for permission Note the location, duration and other information of the part-time student or internship.

Internship For international students who come to China for internship, if the residence permits held by foreigners holding study residence permits are not marked with the information provided in the preceding paragraph, they shall not be used for fieldwork or internships.

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