What is the experience of living in China?

Now China’s development is getting better and better, and the opportunities it brings are growing. In the face of such a China, many international friends will come to China to seek better development. Who doesn’t want a better living environment? But people who know Chinese culture will want to come to China. Our solid cultural foundation has its own characteristics. Many foreigners want to come to China to experience the Chinese culture and travel, even want to live in China, and the Japanese who are not friendly with China in history are now living in China.

In the minds of many Chinese people, perhaps the most disliked is the Japanese. It may be that China and Japan in history are like a pair of countries, destined to be unable to communicate peacefully. That experience should be remembered by every Chinese, but we cannot put an end to the friendly coexistence between the two peoples in the future. Why are the Japanese afraid of discrimination when they come to settle in China?

The reason why they come to China to settle down is also because they want to live a better life, have a good job, and have a high salary. The opportunity to develop in China is very considerable. Many people come to China, and the places they choose to stay in are different. Shanghai is the place where the most foreign people stay. The reason why Shanghai attracts many foreigners is not only because of its place Shanghai is more open and more tolerant to foreigners. So the Japanese live very well here. A website in Europe is curious about how foreigners come to live in China, but the facts must be very exciting.

A Japanese girl said that she was not ignored by people because of the resentment between the two countries in history. Instead, she liked the economy and education here very much. People’s friendly attitude towards herself made her not feel so strange and lonely. And as a girl, I have been concerned by many people. In the years of living in China, I feel very warm here. When it comes to my future life, I even want to find a Chinese boy to be my husband.

There are many places with good development in China, and many of them are favored by foreigners. Whether it’s to visit China or to find a job in China, they will be very popular. You must have met foreigners. It won’t cost too much to come to China, and it won’t be difficult to get along with Chinese people. As long as you are polite, you will have a foothold in China.

In addition to the Japanese, there are many other countries that like China, especially China’s development is getting better and better. It is difficult to find jobs in foreign countries, and there are few jobs. There are many opportunities to choose to come to China, even if you can speak English well, you can be a foreign teacher in China for a period of time to teach you English. Countries with good development come to China to relieve the pressure, so the development level is not as good as that of our country, and they yearn for China, which will surely make their lives better.

Everyone must be very proud of China’s current development level. When so many people come to China, we need to see the advantages of China, but not too proud. We welcome foreigners to China at any time. Do the foreigners you live in have a good time in China? Look forward to your voice.

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