What must I pay attention to when I arrive in China?

With the rapid development of China, China has become the center of economic and cultural development in the world. More and more foreigners can t help the huge attraction of oriental culture, so they choose to come to China to find out. Then, the culture and habits are completely different. Two countries, what must foreigners pay attention to when they arrive in China?

As the saying goes, it s safe to say that when you re here, whether you re a Chinese or a foreigner, it s the most basic respect for locals to enter the country in a foreign country, and foreigners in China may have some kind of Chinese Social phenomena or certain customs are difficult to understand or even difficult to accept. At this time, it is best not to publish negative emotion assessments and conduct certain radical behaviors in public.

Many foreigners have simply experienced love in Chinese culture, visited friends, talked about business, or sought better job opportunities in China. They have stepped into this unfamiliar country full of expectations and experienced the education of life. After making countless jokes inadvertently, many foreigners summarized some valuable experiences.

First of all, living and travelling in China and communicating with others is inevitable. Greeting is almost a daily skill. Influenced by thousands of years of cultural tradition, Chinese people tend to be more modest and humble than Westerners. Remember to say hello to the Chinese too Enthusiasm, such as intimate gifts and kiss salutes, should be put down before they return to China. Even if they shake hands, they must wait for the woman to take the initiative to shake hands, and they must master the strength and skills.

Secondly, table manners are also very sophisticated in China. The western part of the world is usually divided into meals, avoiding sounds when eating, and the Chinese like a lively and happy atmosphere, sitting together chatting, talking about business, or simply finding a reason to gather everyone in Together, to enhance the relationship between relatives and friends, even in formal situations have a way to do things.

As an invited guest, you have to wait for the host to arrange a corresponding position for you. Generally speaking, the seats on both sides of the host can show the status of the guest. The height of the glass when toasting is lower than your boss or peer to show respect. When eating, try to eat a little of each dish, remember not to eat only the dishes you love, and not eat all the meals at the same time, so as not to embarrass the host family, others will think that the host is not entertaining, but the dishes others give you So eat it up, this is the best way to express thanks.

In China, the culture of the dining table even spawned a wine culture. The right to release soldiers to drink wine during the Song Dynasty is the most classic case. It is a major feature of China to make friends and talk about business at the dinner . In addition, the Chinese invite you to dinner. There is never an AA system. The same idea, you must also be prepared to pay when they invite them to dinner.

The differences between Chinese and Western cultures are far more than that, and they are not mentioned here one by one. Some foreigners claim that one thing must be done 100% in China. Dont trample on Chinese laws. This is everywhere It is intolerable.

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