What procedures do foreign students need to do internship in China

2018-10-03 Expand all X visas: Issued to people who have studied in China for more than 6 months; F visas: Issued to China for invitations to visit, study, lecture, do business, conduct scientific and cultural exchanges and short- term Persons who do not take more than 6 months for further studies, internships, etc.;

Chinese Our school has a formal permit to study Chinese in visas. We will send invitations and admission notices to foreigners to apply for visas.

Foreigners are not allowed to apply for a Type X visa if they are working, but part-time and off-campus internship visas may be granted in the near future. You should contact your university or company to see if they can arrange it for you . The temporary residence permit can be issued for 5 years with a validity of 180 days. X2 visa holders who stayed in China for the duration of their stay stated that it is not necessary to apply for a temporary residence permit for them.

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