Which city do foreigners like to live in China

China’s development is getting better and better now, so when some Chinese travel in big cities, they can see that there are many foreigners traveling in China, and some foreigners have settled directly in China, such as Guangzhou, where there are a lot of black people.

Not enough. Besides Guangzhou, some foreigners settled in other cities in China. Next, I’d like to introduce the Japanese who settled in China. For the Japanese, I believe that many people’s impressions of them are very complicated. Although it has been many years since the Anti Japanese War, and most of the officers who invaded China at that time have passed away, but in In the hearts of Chinese people, this history will always be remembered by Chinese people. But now, because the relationship between China and Japan has been eased a lot, many Chinese have started to travel to Japan, and some Japanese have started to settle down in China. For example, in Shanghai, we can see a lot of Japanese, but now in addition to Shanghai, China Another city will be occupied by Japan. This city is Suzhou.

I believe that all Chinese tourists who have traveled in Japan should know that although Japan has a lot of beautiful scenery, the pressure of local people’s life is still very great. Some Japanese choose to commit suicide just because they can’t bear too much pressure, but some Japanese choose to settle down in China because of too much pressure. Many Japanese think that if they If you have come to China for development, your future must be bright.

So they saw that the history and culture of Suzhou in China is very profound, and the pace of life is not as fast as that of Japan, so they wanted to settle down in Suzhou. Maybe because Suzhou has a long history, so many Japanese feel a little cordial. More importantly, the economic development of Suzhou is also good, so the Japanese I think it’s a very suitable place to settle down.

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