Which city in China deserves your lifetime?

In the fast pace of big cities, do you feel a little tired and want to stop and rest? China s vast land and objects, which cities are the most suitable for the elderly? 7 cities in China that are the most comfortable and suitable for old age Where will you choose to go when you are old?


Since ancient times, Chengdu has enjoyed the reputation of the country of heaven. Leisurely Chengdu, a food paradise, makes people want to leave when they come. The whole city exudes a leisurely atmosphere, making the residents here live a leisurely life when you walk You can smell cozy in the streets of Chengdu.

The city of Chengdu is not only prosperous and beautiful, but also unique in the western part of the city. When you come to the city, you can feel the tea culture and spicy taste that make people relax and relax. Chengdu s special snacks are delicious and cheap. And the spicy sourness shows the unique charm of Sichuan folk customs.


Suzhou faces Shanghai in the east and Yangtze River in the north. It can be said that it has a unique geographical location. This city is still a cultural city. Although there are not many beautiful scenery, the people in the city are very friendly. When you come here, you will feel the portraits here Guangzhou people are just as kind. Suzhou is famous for its small bridges and flowing water. It is known as the Oriental Water Capital. Living here is really good.


Compared with other cities in China, the air is fresher, the sun is brighter, the customs are more simple, and the pace of life is more relaxed. In your spare time, you can plant a la carte, raise flowers, and raise a few chickens and ducks. Cangshan and Erhai Lakes are surrounded by mountains and rivers. Dali enjoys a pleasant climate. The seasons are like spring. The average annual temperature is between 15 and 24 °. Fenghuaxueyue is Dali s golden character signboard, which also gives this border town a unique natural scenery.

4.Xi an

Once the prosperous Chang an, the ancient capital. The ancient buildings seen in books such as the Daming Palace, Taiyechi, and Xuanwumen can be found here, as well as Buddhist temples such as Daci en Temple, Huayan Temple, Qinglong Temple, and so on.

There is endless history hidden in every place in Xi an. Here, the simplicity and thickness surround you all the time, and because of these simple and thick, the leisure and leisure of the city life is so natural and harmonious.


The most widespread in Dalian must be the seafood here. Of course, like all seaside cities, here also has blue sea and blue sky, beautiful coastal scenery and countless delicious seafood.

In addition to these, Dalian has a variety of exotic style streets and some European-style ancient buildings, which makes Dalian have a different taste. Colorful Dalian presents the world with a beautiful romantic capital.


Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city with good air and a laid-back city. It is China s brand capital and has won the China Habitat Environment Award . The tourism resources are close to the Yellow Sea and surround Jiaozhou Bay. It is a famous tourist city. Qingdao s capes and bays are alternate, with soft sand beaches, twisty coasts, cities with sea life, and seas increasing in color. Enjoy your old age in such a beautiful coastal city, and think of it as happy !

7, Yichun

Located in the northwest of Jiangxi Province, Yichun City is dominated by hills and mountains. The climate is mild, the rainfall is abundant, the four seasons are clear, and the average annual temperature is 17.3 ° C. Yichun is named after cold summer and warm winter, shining like spring, and pleasant drinking .

Yichun is one of the first batch of ecological pilot cities in the country. All 7 major rivers in the territory can be directly imported. The air quality in 10 counties and cities has reached national standards. The city has 54 famous mountain attractions, 4 national forest parks, 3 provincial forest parks, 2 provincial nature reserves and two provincial scenic spots.


Xiamen is a city surrounded by sea water. The environment is very clean and tidy, the climate is pleasant, and the flowers and trees are flourishing all year round. Due to the good ecological environment, a large number of egrets have come here to inhabit , which is also called Lu Island.

Xiamen is especially suitable for the elderly in winter, with warm sunshine and blue water, everything is so cozy and comfortable.

Choose a city that is old and meets one person in vain. Where will you choose when you get old?

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