Why are more and more Americans coming to China to settle down

Nowadays, China’s strength has become stronger and stronger, and even surpassed the United States in some areas. Therefore, this has also led to a certain influence in the world, so that all countries in the world have seen me and the country, so there are many people. I came to travel to my country, and this included foreigners.
To this end, some friends have expressed doubts. Why are more and more Americans coming to China to settle down? What did the American girl in China say?
Nowadays, China’s rapid development has become the world’s second largest economy. Therefore, many foreigners have come to work and study in China. These foreigners who travel in China feel the good of China.
No, there is an American girl who settled in our country. She said why Americans settled in China, first because he thought it was very safe in China. Even in the middle of the night, there were bright street lights when walking alone in the street. Sometimes, the police will be patrolling, even if they are free to play at night.
The second point is that China’s traffic is very developed. If you want to go to other cities, you can choose to take the train, plane, high-speed rail, etc., and you can reach the destination in a few hours by high-speed train, so he has played in China. Many cities, but also for some of China’s legendary customs and history and culture, he is also very interested.
So after returning to China, he told China about his family. His parents also agreed to stay in China, which is why more and more Americans came to settle in China. The economically developed country of the United States has so many tourism circles, so it attracts many tourists to the United States every year.

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