Why did the Song Dynasty ban foreigners from buying a house in China?

Buying a house is a big thing in many people s lives. It represents people s sense of security. Although the concept of the family cannot be equated with the concept of the house, the house has always been a very important part for many people. However, when it comes to buying a house, one question is whether people in one country can buy a house in another country. In fact, this problem had arisen as early as ancient China, and it was explicitly for bidden in the Song Dynasty .

Foreign trade in Song Dynasty was very developed. It trades with more than 100 countries. Now Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Brunei, Java, Laos, Philippines … they have frequent business contacts with the Song Dynasty.

Commercial exchanges must accompany the migration of residents. Some Chinese businessmen go abroad to do business, like the environment there, do not want to leave, and take root abroad; some foreign businessmen come to China feel good, so they also moved to settle with their families.

The Song and Song government banned it. It is not important for Chinese to settle abroad. As long as they are not criminals who have not completed their sentences, they can move abroad as long as they are not academics with full stomachs. There are various restrictions on foreigners residence in China. One of the most important restrictions is that they are not allowed to buy a house in China.

Song Renzong Jingyou promulgated such a ban two years ago: Guangzhou has many foreigners who bring wives and children to live in Guangzhou every year. In the future, Guangzhou is prohibited from selling properties. Most. Song Renzong emphasized that property cannot be sold , which means that Guangzhou people are prohibited from selling houses to foreigners.

This is understandable. The court did not allow Chinese scholars to relocate overseas, mainly to prevent brain drain, but it did not allow foreigners to buy houses in China.

Of course, modern governments sometimes adopt similar policies. For example, the Hong Kong government has raised the threshold for mainland residents to purchase real estate in Hong Kong. Some cities in the mainland also prohibit foreigners from buying local shops. If they buy a house , they can only buy one. These regulations are aimed at preventing immigrants from participating in real estate speculation and further inflating the real estate bubble.

The real estate bubble in the Song Dynasty was actually not large. The court did not allow foreigners to buy a house, mainly because they were worried that foreigners could settle down after buying a house in China, learn Chinese strategies, and master Chinese secrets.

In order to prevent foreigners from studying China s skills to make China , the Song Dynasty government not only banned foreigners from buying houses in China, but also prohibited foreigners from buying Chinese maps, historical books, and local history. When foreign envoys come to the Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty must be accompanied by a group of library companions step by step. On the surface it is to make people happy, in fact it is to monitor people and prevent them from plagiarizing our maps and history books.

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