Why do foreigners envy Chinese life?

How good is China? You can send it by express delivery to a foreign country.

Some time ago, my friend complained to me about her study abroad.

Among them, there is one thing that makes her very unaccustomed: waiting for a local express delivery actually takes 8 days.

The point is, the foreign students also comfort her. It’s fast to deliver it in 8 days.

Usually in China, express delivery takes 3 days to deliver, which is too slow for her. Now it takes more than 8 days. She is crazy.

She learned that the local express industry has been developing for hundreds of years, and it is still as slow as a turtle. China’s express industry has only developed for 39 years, but every minute counts. It is the first in the world. She was confused about this.

It’s not just the Chinese who are mad, but the foreigners themselves are helpless:

“In China, express delivery can arrive at your home in one day. If it is in my country, I think it is impossible.”

In the foreign version of Zhihu, there is a hot issue:

“Why do so many foreigners think China is good after they go to China?”

After summarizing each popular answer, the reasons are as follows:

Because China has “four new inventions”: high-speed rail, online shopping, Alipay and sharing bicycles.

Foreigners living in China love online shopping the most, and their favorite sentence is: “your express delivery has arrived.”

In addition to Chinese online shopping, Chinese takeout is also the favorite of foreigners. How much do you love it? Want to come back as a specialty.

They knew that express delivery should be fast, but they didn’t expect that Chinese express delivery could be so fast;

They know that online shopping is very cool, but they didn’t expect that Chinese online shopping can be so cool, there are many things, cheap, and fast delivery.

They know that take out should be convenient, but they didn’t expect that Chinese take out can be so convenient that you don’t go out for a month, and you don’t need to eat heavy samples every day.

Just as it is said, there is no harm without comparison. Probably, foreigners are hurt too much in their hometown.

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