Why foreign students easily get to Chinese girls

Why foreign students easily get to Chinese girls, netizens ’answers are true

Hello everyone, continue to share emotional content today, and welcome everyone to take the time to read the topics below. Over the past few years, the number of international students studying in China has reached 500,000. Among them, South Korea, Thailand, Africa , and some small countries in Southeast Asia account for the vast majority. Most colleges and universities across the country have international classes, so you can often see such pictures in major universities, and there are often one-on-one cross-national relationships on campus.

Many girls are stupid and naive. Compared with domestic boys chasing girls, they are completely separated from each other. Foreign students chasing Chinese girls are separated by a layer of paper and a bucket is broken.

There is a saying in China that a good man cannot marry a good wife. Why is this so? I can only say that the vanity of Chinese women is too strong. Not only do they like sweet talk, but they also have to take the initiative of men. As soon as women are happy, their IQs plummet, and some even become negative. Many foreign students are alone and lonely inside. Together with their living allowances, it is naturally better to chase women than boys in their home countries.

Many foreign students think that Chinese women are kind, virtuous, and gentle. From another perspective, it means that Chinese girls are too deceiving. Compared with the cultures of different countries, Chinese culture is still relatively conservative or very face-saving. Foreign students dont think so, and they tend to be more proactive in that regard.

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