40 ASEAN students in Guilin won the 2019 scholarship

China Youth Daily client news (China Youth Daily · China Youth net reporter Xie Yang intern Huang Xiaoyan) on the afternoon of November 15, the 2019 ASEAN student scholarship winners symposium held by Guangxi District Committee of the Communist Youth League and Guangxi Youth Federation was held in Guangxi Gongqing building. Leading teachers from 19 universities in Guangxi University and 40 ASEAN students who have won scholarships in Guangxi come together to enjoy the future. Consul general song suogui of the Consulate General of the kingdom of Cambodia in Nanning, counsellor Wen Meitu of the Consulate General of the Republic of Myanmar in Nanning, consul fan Zhongjun of the Consulate General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Nanning and vice consul kanping suliaong of the Consulate General of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic in Nanning were invited to attend the meeting.
At the symposium, representatives of overseas students from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and other seven ASEAN countries made speeches. They expressed their joy and gratitude for the scholarship, introduced their study and life in Guangxi, and showed their ambition to be a promoter of friendship between China and ASEAN countries after returning home. In his speech, Li Chu, Secretary of the Guangxi District Committee of the Communist Youth League and honorary chairman of the Guangxi Youth Federation, introduced the situation and achievements of youth exchanges between Guangxi and ASEAN. He hoped that the representatives of overseas students would turn the achievements made today into the driving force for tomorrow’s progress, and better serve their motherland in the future. He hoped that they would keep Guangxi in mind and promote the China ASEAN strategic partnership It aims to improve quality and upgrade and build a closer China ASEAN Community of common destiny.
Guangxi is close to ASEAN countries in geography and affinity. It has become one of the preferred places for ASEAN students to study abroad. At present, there are more than 20 colleges and universities in Guangxi that enroll students from ASEAN countries and offer official language majors in ASEAN countries. There are nearly 10000 ASEAN students studying in Guangxi, making it one of the provinces and regions with the largest number of students from Southeast Asian countries. In order to further consolidate the exchanges and cooperation with young people from ASEAN countries, encourage more young people from ASEAN countries to study in Guangxi, and do a good job in disseminating the culture of China and ASEAN countries and inheriting the friendship between China and ASEAN countries. In 2011, the Guangxi District Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Guangxi Youth Federation set up the “ASEAN student scholarship in Guangxi” Up to now, 215 ASEAN students have won this award. Through the selection and distribution of scholarships, good results have been achieved in promoting youth exchanges and cooperation between China, Guangxi and ASEAN countries.

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