Freshmen are studying in Luohe to hear why they are studying in China

“At a very young age, I was interested in Chinese culture: Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese films, Chinese culture, and the unique charm of the Chinese people.” On the morning of October 31, at the opening ceremony of international students of Luohe Medical College, Naya, an international student from Morocco, told Dahe client reporter that she had made up her mind to come to China, travel, study and even work in China when she grew up.
“Three sentences” presented by 35 Foreign Students’ opening principals
In autumn and October, the fruits are fragrant. On the morning of October 31, the opening ceremony and entrance education ceremony of class 2019 international students of Luohe medical college was held in the conference room of the school. 35 freshmen from 11 countries including Laos, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Vietnam and Africa, including Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia, attended the opening ceremony.
In autumn, the sun shines brightly, and the Shali university is cultivating talents. Ma Guoqing, Deputy Secretary General of Luohe municipal Party committee and director of Foreign Affairs Office of Luohe municipal Party committee, delivered a speech at the ceremony. Entrusted by Hao Huijie, Secretary of Luohe municipal Party committee, and on behalf of Luohe municipal Party committee and Luohe Municipal People’s government, he extended a warm welcome to overseas students who came to Luohe, China, across thousands of mountains and rivers. It is hoped that overseas students will cherish their learning opportunities, adapt to the new learning and living environment as soon as possible, study Chinese and Chinese culture seriously, and strive to be friendly envoys for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and for enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and foreign people.
“China Academy of management science released the” 2019 ranking of Higher Vocational Colleges “, ranking the fifth in China, the first in Henan Province and the first in the same kind of colleges in China.” Zhao Zhijun, President of Luohe Medical College, after introducing the situation of the school, gave three sentences to the overseas students: first, “no pains, no gains”, hoping to take learning as the first task and strive to realize the “dream of studying abroad”; second, “no rules, no success”, strictly abiding by Chinese laws and regulations, strictly abiding by the school rules and regulations; third, “making friends with the people” and hoping to become a middle school student Envoys of cultural exchanges between China and their respective countries.
I like Chinese culture and will return to teach Chinese in the future
At the opening ceremony, the publicity film of Luohe medical college was specially broadcast. Seeing the modern teaching facilities, beautiful campus environment and strong cultural atmosphere of the school, the overseas students were very pleased, sometimes talking in low voice, sometimes clapping. “Learning Chinese is very challenging and fun for foreigners.” Naya, a foreign student, told reporters that Luohe is a delicate city and the local people are very friendly to them. She hopes to enjoy her study and life here.
“I have graduated from university in China. I studied in the United States before. This time I came to China to study the profound and long-standing Chinese character culture.” Molly, a foreign student from Zimbabwe, told reporters that now they have many projects in China, which are related to Chinese. Now many people in China have begun to learn Chinese. She must seize the opportunity to study abroad, learn Chinese well, and then return to China for development.
Like Molly, there is a boy from Saudi Arabia, Kari. “I hope to return home to work as a Chinese teacher after graduation.” Kali told reporters that he wanted to make more people understand China through learning Chinese through his own efforts. The reporter understands that Molly and Kali are all countries along the belt and road. Nowadays, Chinese language education is becoming more and more important in language teaching in these countries.
Two sessions of recruiting international students and strengthening the internationalization of school running
“This is the second time that we have enrolled foreign students.” Dong Weiqun, vice president of Luohe Medical College, told reporters that their school was approved by the Education Department of Henan Province in 2017 as the first medical college in Henan Province to carry out overseas student education. In 2018, 25 international students from 7 countries came to the university to study. This year, 35 new students from 11 countries came.
At the opening ceremony, the reporter saw that their head teacher, Cheng Yuan, used English to communicate and interact with the students from time to time in response to the language barriers of the international students in the school. “These overseas students study very hard. They will spend a year in our school.” Cheng Yuan told reporters that some of the 25 foreign students recruited last year have passed level 4 of the Chinese language test, and some of them have started to apply for level 5 this year. After passing level five, you can apply for the postgraduate examination in China.
“China has a long history and culture. Today, China is sharing opportunities for development with the rest of the world through” one belt and one road “to create harmony and prosperity. President Zhao Zhijun told reporters that in the future, schools will continue to strengthen the internationalization of education, teach students in accordance with their aptitude through reasonable courses, help students integrate into the campus smoothly, and complete their studies successfully, so that they can make positive contributions in the construction of the “one belt and one road” and the “community of human destiny”.

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