More and more Russian students are studying in China

Deliakova yulievna, a 27 year old Russian girl, was once a “learning bully” in international relations at Peter the great university of technology in St. Petersburg. After graduation, she made a decision that many of her classmates admired – to study in China and gave her Chinese name Deng Baolin.

“Among the many possible options, studying in China is my first choice.” Deng Baolin said firmly. Today, Deng Baolin studies computer science at Harbin Institute of technology. With the help of teachers and classmates, she quickly adapted to the new study life.

“As long as I have problems, such as the inability to understand professional vocabulary in class, they will be very patient to explain it to me.” Deng Baolin said.

When she was an undergraduate, Deng Baolin studied Chinese at South China Normal University as an exchange student. In the past year, she not only gained a lot in her study, but also fell in love with Chinese culture.

“I’ve been planning for a long time to study for a master’s degree in China!” Deng Baolin said.

In China, Deng Baolin also gained love. Her husband is a Russian Ph.D. student at the school of management, Harbin Institute of technology. Recently, they just went to the Russian Consulate General in Shenyang to register for marriage, ushering in a sweet moment of life.

In her spare time, Deng Baolin often has meals, skates and climbs with her classmates Chinese students and Chinese friends are very enthusiastic, so that she does not feel that she is in a foreign country.

“I hope to stay and work in China after graduation next year.” Deng Baolin said.

In recent years, more and more Russian students like Deng Baolin are studying and living in China.

According to Liu MENGNAN, assistant dean of the Institute of international education of Harbin University of technology, only in Harbin University of technology, the number of Russian students has exceeded 400 at present. In addition to short-term language trainees, the average number of Russian students exceeds 800 every year. Teachers and learning atmosphere as well as convenient and efficient services are important factors to attract them to study in China.

Russian news agency recently quoted Russian Deputy Prime Minister gorikova as saying that in recent years, Russia and China have achieved fruitful cooperation in the field of education. At present, the total number of Chinese students in Russia, Russian students in China and short-term students in both countries has reached 85000, which is expected to exceed 100000 by 2020.

Maslov, director of the Department of Oriental Studies at the Russian Institute of higher education, believes that with the continuous promotion of the “one belt and one way” initiative, the deepening of Sino Russian multi field cooperation and exchanges and the dramatic increase in trade volume between China and Russia, the demand for Chinese talents in Russia has increased dramatically in recent years, prompting more Russians to study in China.

Kurikova, the first vice president of the Russia China Friendship Association, believes that the people to people and cultural cooperation between Russia and China, represented by educational cooperation, not only plays an important role in enhancing mutual understanding between the two peoples, but also helps the two peoples to maintain good relations of neighbors, good friends and good partners.

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