What are the conditions for foreigners to attend Chinese universities?

The conditions for foreigners to go to Chinese universities are: the applicant must have a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for more than 4 years (inclusive), and have a record of actual residence abroad for more than 2 years in the last 4 years.

Colleges and universities can only accept the application for admission to the junior college in China after the applicant for study in China meets the requirements of other qualifications of the University.

Application conditions for college entrance examination in other countries:

1. France

The French study center is a department under the French consulates in various countries. It introduces French higher education organizations to foreign students and selects them. According to previous regulations, it is up to the university to decide whether to accept students applying for study abroad. The new rules add an official screening.

The main evaluation criteria for the applicants include: academic level, French level (except for the students who study English teaching projects), and the rationality of the study plan.

2. Japan

Chinese students studying in Japan generally have to participate in the “special selection examination system”. In addition to the qualifications required by the Japanese side, students applying for studying in Japan generally have to pass the entrance examination required by the University. It mainly inspects the students’ Japanese ability and basic course level, and selects the best according to the examination results.

Japanese schools generally send people to China for interviews and written examinations to comprehensively assess students’ learning attitude, language, mathematics and other basic courses, and economic tolerance.

3. Germany: only formal higher education qualifications are recognized

In general, Germany does not recognize the degree of informal university or informal higher education, and it is possible to apply for the qualification of “equivalent academic capacity” unless it has obtained the “Bachelor” degree certificate.

All applicants must hold a certificate of German learning for more than 800 hours. After being admitted, all the new students have to take the “German proficiency test”. After passing the examination, you can enter the professional study.

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