Which university ranked first in China’s international student rankings?

In March 2019, iResearch China Alumni Association website officially released the 2019 China University Evaluation Research Report – college entrance examination volunteer filling guide (Alumni Association version), which was published by Science Press. According to the report, Peking University ranks first in China for 12 consecutive years, ranking among the top 1200 Chinese universities in 2019 by the Alumni Association; Tsinghua University ranks second, and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences ranks third. Zhuhai College of Jilin University, Business School of Yunnan Normal University and Jinjiang College of Sichuan university rank among the top three independent colleges in 2019, while Shouyi College of Wuchang, Wenhua college and Shandong University of excellence rank among the top three private universities in 2019. It is worth noting that 17 double first-class universities in China have dropped out of the top 150, 15 non double first-class universities have ranked among the top 100, and Kunming University of science and technology ranks first in 2019.

Expanding the scale of international students is an important part of the national “double first class” construction

In the 21st century, internationalization has become the trend and global trend of the development of higher education in the contemporary world. Internationalization is an important work to build a world-class university. Professor Wang Lingfeng, core expert of research team of China Alumni Association Network University and postdoctoral of Xiamen University, pointed out that in recent years, with the improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength and the rapid development of China’s higher education, “studying in China” has become a priority choice for more and more excellent students in the world. According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of education, the number of overseas students in China has increased from 290000 in 2011 to 440000 in 2016, while the number of universities receiving overseas students has increased from 660 to 829, and China has become the largest destination for studying in Asia. The national overall plan for promoting the construction of world-class universities and disciplines clearly states that promoting international exchanges and cooperation, enhancing the attraction to high-level international students, and expanding the scale of international students have become the core work of the national “double first-class” construction.

International Student index is an important index to evaluate the internationalization level of world-class universities

International students have become an important indicator to evaluate the internationalization level, international influence and international competitiveness of a university. Increasing the enrollment of international students is also an important channel for the world-class universities in Europe and the United States to increase their school income. Zhao De, ranking host of Alumni Association of China University and President of iResearch Research Institute, pointed out that in 2015, Alumni Association of China University ranking took the lead in bringing “international student index” into the evaluation system of China University, fully meeting the development goal requirements of “double first-class” construction program of China University. In 2018, top universities in China, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Renmin University of China, Zhejiang University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, successively announced the “double first-class” construction plan, expanded the enrollment scale of overseas students, and focused on improving the quality of overseas students and training quality, which has become the core work of universities to build world-class universities.

Beijing Language and Culture University is most popular with foreign students, ranking the first in international student rankings of Chinese universities in 2019

Which university in China is most popular with foreign students? Which universities have the highest level of internationalization and international influence? According to the statistics of foreign students coming to China in 2016 released by the Department of international cooperation and exchange of the Ministry of education, iResearch China Alumni Association website recently released the ranking of top 100 international students of Chinese universities in 2019. According to the report, Beijing Language and Culture University is the most popular international student, with a total number of 9886 international students, ranking first among the international students of Chinese universities in 2019 by the Alumni Association. Peking University has 8434 people, ranking second. There are 8387 students in the University of foreign economic and trade, ranking the third; 6849 students in Fudan University, ranking the fourth; 6670 students in Shanghai Jiaotong University, ranking the fifth; 6157 students in Jinan University, ranking the sixth; 6154 students in Zhejiang University, ranking the seventh; 6026 students in East China Normal University, ranking the eighth; 5847 students in Tsinghua University, ranking the ninth; 5557 students in overseas Chinese University, ranking the tenth.

Alumni Association China University ranking is one of the most influential, authoritative and credible universities in China. It is the leading third-party university evaluation brand with the highest degree of consistency with the national “double first-class” construction plan and selection criteria, and the discipline evaluation index system of the Ministry of education. Since 2003, cuaa.net has published the ranking of Chinese universities in Alumni Association edition for 17 consecutive years. The 2019 Research Report on Evaluation of University of China – Guide to filling in the college entrance examination (alumni Edition) was compiled by Zhao De, Dean of iResearch Research Institute, Cai Yanhou, Professor of Central South University, Dang Yaru, Professor of China Civil Aviation University, Wang Lingfeng, postdoctoral professor of Xiamen University, CAI Li, associate professor of Beijing University of information technology, Liu Ming, iResearch Research Institute, etc. the report will be published by Science Press for all It is published and issued by the State Council for the purpose of providing authoritative Application guide for candidates of national college entrance examination and foreign students coming to China to fill in and choose university majors.

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