According to the Judicial Interpretation 1 of the Marriage Law, cohabitation can be divided into two categories: 1. Living together as husband and wife in the absence of marriage registration in accordance with Article 8 of the Marriage Law; 2. People with a spouse and heterosexual outside marriage, not inRead More →

No, life imprisonment is lifelong detention, which refers to the punishment of a judicial body that deprives the offender of his freedom for life in the form of a sentence and is imprisoned in a certain place. Life imprisonment After serving two years in prison, if you do show remorseRead More →

  Children have a legal obligation to support their parents. The marriage law has clear provisions. Therefore, not supporting a parent is a violation of the marriage law, but not necessarily a crime. Only in serious cases can abandonment be suspected.   Between husband and wife, between parents and children, between adoptiveRead More →