Beijing royal heritage

Architecture is a landscape created by human beings and a human miracle through historical time and space. A scholar photographer who has been influenced by Chinese traditional culture, with his deep feelings for royal architecture, from the perspective of cultural anthropology, uses his lens to capture the thousands of Meteorology and unique beauty of the imperial palace garden and the Mausoleum altar temple architecture in the natural environment of sky, clouds, snow and moon Looking for his cultural nostalgia complex.

Hainan Island loop line is the most beautiful and comfortable riding route, and also the best choice for riders. This strategy is based on the author’s riding experience of Huanhai South Island. It gives a detailed description of the east line and the middle line of the ride, including route planning, accommodation, supplies, equipment information, as well as precautions in the ride. It also shares interesting people and stories on the ride, which is practical and easy to read.

Another year of MIDI, the 2012 Beijing MIDI music festival will be held in Shunyi Olympic Water Park from April 29 to May 1 with the theme of “PM2.5”, which focuses on environmental quality and human health. Beijing in May, the main venue of MIDI, a sea of rock and roll. The stage is full of explosive and crazy performances, microphone, guitar and speaker, all of which are dancing in the roar, hissing and agitation under the stage… Rock nroll, high to dawn. How to play the MIDI? 2012 Beijing mystery Music Festival will bring you all together.

Many people have heard of the name “Beijing central axis”, and probably know which line the central axis is. However, the hidden stories are hidden in the long-standing dust box. Nobody knows that history is not the dead cultural relics in the museum. It’s beside us. It’s the life with blood and tendons! Like us… This time, not from the airport or railway station, but from the old photos of 100 years ago. Follow the author, an interesting trip is about to start!

There are free and unrestrained people like Tibet, magnificent and boundless land, traditional and devout religions, and natural environment that must be learned and created to survive. All kinds of festivals, temples, handicrafts and unique life are bound to come into being. This strategy is about the journey of deep Tibet. It devoutly records the people, stories and temples that the author met while traveling in Tibet Tibetans need to go and feel again and again, and gradually adapt to it as a kind of review, not surprised, not exclaimed, not explored. What they meet is only their own needs, which are feelings that can not be given anywhere except the Tibetans.

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