Can the elderly support be waived?

1. The maintenance obligation is a statutory obligation and cannot be excluded or restricted by agreement. Although the maintenance method can be changed, it must not violate public order, good customs, and legal requirements.

2. The children artificially separated the two old people through separate agreements to support them separately, but this kind of support is contrary to the current social customs. The separate maintenance agreement signed should be invalid, that is, the agreement is invalid.

3. Other children cannot refuse to perform the maintenance obligation on the ground that they have fulfilled the maintenance obligation to another elderly person. When the child fails to perform the maintenance obligation, if it cannot be resolved through negotiation, the elderly can require the child to fulfill the maintenance obligation through legal procedures.

The agreement shall not contain any content that violates the law, such as disposing of the property of the dependents, or fulfilling their maintenance obligations under the condition of renunciation of the right to inheritance.

Parents who commit serious crimes against their children, such as committing acts of killing, abusing their children, abandoning their children, or raping their daughters, lose the right to require the child to be supported, and the child can be exempted from maintenance obligations. The victim s voluntary support is not prohibited by law.

I need to point out that although an adult child who does not have the ability to pay maintenance can be exempted from the obligation to pay, the obligation to take care of life and spiritual comfort cannot be exempted.

If your situation is more complicated, it is recommended to consult the relevant lawyer.

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