Does the heir have the right to inherit if he intentionally kills the heir?

According to the relevant laws of China, if the heir deliberately kills the heir, whether it is an attempt or an attempt, he shall confirm that he has lost his right to inherit and shall not inherit the estate.

Heritage distribution refers to the distribution system of property inheritance after the death of the property owner according to legal inheritance, will, or other laws. Testament succession is more effective than statutory inheritance and lower than bequest maintenance agreements. So how to divide the will without testament?

Generally The share of inheritance of successors in the same order should generally be equal. This is the general principle of inheritance in legal inheritance, that is, legal successors in the same order should distribute the inheritance equally. The general in this article refers to a situation that is not specifically regulated by law.

(1) Heirs who have special difficulties in living but lack the ability to work should be taken care of when assigning inheritance. The heirs can only take care of the inheritance of the property when they have both special living difficulties and lack of labor capacity, and they should be taken care of once these two conditions are met.

(2) When the heirs who have performed the main maintenance obligations to the heirs or who share the inheritance with the heirs may distribute the inheritance, they may be divided more than they should not, and it is not mandatory.

(3) Heirs who have the ability to support and the conditions for support do not fulfill their obligations of support. When assigning the estate, there should be no distinction or less. This is an important embodiment of the principle of consistency of rights and obligations in the inheritance law.

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