How to convict a syndicate

According to the provisions of China s criminal law, the accomplices of group crimes should be lighter and less punished according to the circumstances of the crime. If the circumstances are relatively light, the criminal punishment can be exempted.

1. Criminals who play a secondary role in joint crime. It refers to a criminal who, although directly committing a specific crime constitutes an objective crime, but whose role is secondary in the entire criminal activity. An accomplice in this situation can exist in a criminal group or in other common joint crimes. In a criminal group, this kind of accomplice is under the command of the chief elements or other principal offenders, and the crime is small or the circumstances are not serious. In general joint crimes, although this type of offender directly implements an objective aspect of a specific crime constituting element stipulated by the Criminal Law, it is generally a secondary enforcement act, that is, an act that cannot alone and directly cause a criminal result.

2. Criminals who play a supporting role in joint crimes. Refers to those who do not directly and specifically constitute an objective criminal act, but who create conditions for the execution of a common crime and assist in the commission of the crime. The following non -conductive behaviors usually committed by this kind of accomplices include: providing criminal tools; indicating the target of crime and the place of crime; providing criminal tools; inquiring and transmitting information about the implementation and completion of crimes; Helping afterwards to hide and sell stolen goods; etc.

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