How to divide the partnership share after divorce

Divorce refers to a legal act in which a spouse terminates a marriage relationship through agreement or lawsuit. The following editors of have compiled some information on related questions raised by netizens in the online free legal consultation station. I hope to help you. If you have other questions about marriage law, you can call the legal free consultation hotline. Advice on legal services.

A people s court hearing a divorce case involves splitting the spouse s common property in one partner s name in the partnership, and the other is not a partner of the business. When the spouses have reached an agreement, all or part of the property share in the partnership is transferred to For the other party, deal with them separately as follows:

(3) If the other partners do not agree to the transfer and do not exercise the right of preferential assignment, but agree to the partner s withdrawal or return of a portion of the property share, the returned property may be divided;

(4) If the other partners neither agree to the transfer nor exercise the right of first refusal, and do not agree to the partner s withdrawal or return of a portion of the property, all partners are deemed to have agreed to the transfer, and the spouse has obtained the status of partner according to law.

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