Is fake marriage an invalid marriage?

According to the provisions of the Marriage Law, invalid marriages include bigamy, kinship relationships that are forbidden to marry, etc., and false marriages are not classified as invalid marriages if they meet the marriage conditions.

Article 12 [Invalidation of Marriage] An invalid or revoked marriage is void from the beginning. The parties do not have the rights and obligations of the husband and wife. The property obtained during the cohabitation period shall be dealt with by the parties; if the agreement is not reached, the people s court shall make a judgment based on the principle of taking care of the party without fault. The disposition of the property of invalid marriage caused by bigamy shall not infringe the property rights of the legal marriage parties. The children born to the parties shall be subject to the provisions of this Law on parents and children.

For those who really get married and get married, the biggest consequence is to make false. The law does not clearly stipulate false marriages, which means that there is no need to bear legal responsibilities. However, if you already have a spouse and then marry another person, it will constitute a crime of bigamy and you will bear criminal responsibility.

No! Article 11 of the Marriage Law of our country stipulates that: if a marriage is coerced, the party under coercion may apply to the marriage registration authority or the people s court to cancel the marriage. Our country s law only stipulates this kind of revocable marriage. It is obvious that Jiao Yanyan s fake marriage with the purchaser does not have coercion, so it cannot be revoked according to law. In other words, as long as the marriage registration is completed, both parties become legal couples.

If you want to dissolve the marriage relationship, there is only one way-divorce. Whether it is a divorce agreed by the civil affairs department or a divorce in court, there are huge risks for both parties.

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