Is heir abused by the heir?

According to the relevant laws of our country, if the heirs have abused the heirs, they will lose the right of inheritance if the circumstances are serious. After losing the right of inheritance, they can no longer inherit the inheritance.

Succession should not take place until the death of the heir (the person who left the property in the inheritance of the property). This is the primary condition for inheritance. Some property owners, in order to avoid future disputes that may arise due to contention for real estate, hand over real estate rights to the heirs during their lifetime, such as distributing to one or each child. This is also a legal act, but this is not inheritance because At this time, inheritance had not yet begun, but a gifting act in his lifetime.

The person who inherits the estate shall be the legal heir of the heir, that is, the heir who can act as the heir in accordance with the law. This is the second condition of inheritance. If the beneficiary makes a will and appoints the property to someone other than the legal heir, or donates it to the state or the collective, this is also the way the beneficiary disposes of the estate, but this is not inheritance but bequest.

Heritage should be the property owned by individuals before being inherited. This is the third condition of inheritance. Some properties are shared, such as common spouses. When one party dies, not all properties become heritage. At this time, you should divide the property right of the real estate and divide the share belonging to the spouse of the inherited person (except for those who have agreed, generally divide half of the real estate share) before inheriting the estate.

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