Is it effective to give up the right of inheritance

It is effective to renounce the right of inheritance by inheriting the population. Property inheritance is an important civil right of a citizen. He can either exercise this right to accept the inheritance that he should inherit; he can also abandon this right. Therefore, renunciation of inheritance is also called renunciation of inheritance, or renunciation of inheritance. It means that after the beginning of inheritance, but before the division of the inheritance, the heirs expressly do not accept the intention of inheritance. The express intention can be written or verbal .

After the succession begins, the successor in the first order inherits, and the successor in the second order does not inherit. If there is no successor in the first order, the successor in the second order shall inherit it.

The The siblings referred to in this law include siblings who are the same parents, half-sisters or half-brothers, adoptive siblings, and step-brothers who have a supporting relationship.

Article 25 If the successor waives inheritance after the start of inheritance, he shall make a waiver of the inheritance before handling the estate. Failure to do so is deemed acceptance of inheritance.

(2) The beneficiary shall make an acceptance or abandon the bequest within two months after knowing the bequest. If the expiry date is not indicated, it shall be deemed as giving up the bequest.

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