Is there a fee for probation? How much to pay

According to the relevant laws of our country, the people s court does not need to pay the criminal probation sentenced by the people s court. If penalties are to be imposed, the penalties need to be paid. The amount of the penalties is determined based on the circumstances of the crime.

Article 72 [Conditions of Applicability] Criminal elements sentenced to detention and serving a term of less than three years may meet the following conditions and may be sentenced to probation. Those under the age of eighteen, pregnant women and those who have reached seventy A five -year-old should declare a probation:

Declaration of probation can be based on the circumstances of the crime, and at the same time prohibit criminals from engaging in specific activities, entering specific areas and places, and contacting specific people within the probation period.

Article 53 [Payment of fines] The fines shall be paid in one installment or in installments within the period specified in the judgment. If the payment is not made within the time limit, the payment shall be compulsory. For those who cannot pay the full penalty, the people s court shall at any time find that the person being executed has property that can be enforced, and shall pay back at any time.

If it is really difficult to pay due to irresistible disasters or other reasons, the payment may be postponed, reduced or exempted as appropriate, as determined by the people s court.

1. It is legally stipulated that within the probation period of criminal probation, criminal corrections for probation shall be implemented in accordance with the law, and the following provisions must be observed:

If the place of residence is approved to change, the county-level judicial administrative organ will transfer the relevant legal documents and correction files to the new county-level judicial administrative organ within three working days from the date of the decision, and the relevant legal documents shall be copied. At the county level people s procuratorate and public security organ of the current residence and new residence. The applicant shall report to the county-level judicial administrative organ of the new place of residence within seven days from the date of receiving the decision.

3. The person sentenced to probation shall abide by the relevant regulations during the probation period, and shall not leave the city, county or relocation without approval, otherwise he may be directly sent to prison.

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