Is there a legal divorce for military personnel in divorce from active military personnel?

According to the provisions of China s Marriage Law, if the spouse of a soldier is divorced from the soldier, the law has a certain degree of protection for the soldier, but this tilt must be implemented on a legal basis.

Article 33 [Military spouse requires divorce] A military member s spouse who requires a divorce must obtain the consent of the soldier, except where the military member has a serious fault.

Article 34 [No divorce may be filed] The man shall not file a divorce during pregnancy, within one year after delivery, or within six months after termination of pregnancy. This does not apply to the case where the woman filed for divorce, or the people s court considered it necessary to accept the man s divorce request.

The above knowledge is the answer to relevant legal questions by the editor. According to the provisions of China ’s Marriage Law, the military’ s spouse divorced from the military. The law has a certain degree of protection for military personnel..

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