Food you must know to travel to Beijing

The most important thing for tourists to visit Beijing is the authentic old Beijing food.

Roast duck is a famous Beijing dish with world reputation. It originated in the northern and Southern Dynasties of China. It is known as “world delicacy” because of its red color, tender meat, mellow taste, fat but not greasy characteristics.

Doumian cake, commonly known as donkey roll, is a long roll filled with yellow rice. The Doumian spread on the top and the bottom of the roll is golden in color, sweet in bean flavor and soft in the mouth, representing the sweet childhood memory of old Beijingers.

Sugar ear is honey and twist. It’s soft, sweet and delicious. Its shape is really like twist. It’s very in line with the taste of the little demon.

Noodles tea, this thing ~ HMM ~ doesn’t sell very well, but it tastes good. It’s made of millet noodles and mahjong. Old Beijingers don’t want to drink noodles tea with spoons and chopsticks, but they just turn and suck along the edge of the bowl, which is the most interesting feeling.

AI Wowo, the scientific name of jiangmi cake, the snow-white dumpling made of glutinous rice and sesame, has a sweet taste and soft texture. It’s a unique halal snack in Beijing. You must try one when you go to Beijing.

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