Tourists to China point out two shortcomings of China’s high-speed rail

Today’s young people really like travelling, and for their journey, high-speed rail is really a very good helper. People can take this kind of convenient transportation to the place they want to go. The high-speed railway should be invented by the Japanese, but it is still more developed in our country.

Nowadays, China has made remarkable achievements. All kinds of high-rise buildings have sprung up, and the high-speed rail construction is far ahead of other countries. Some foreign tourists come to China and will take high-speed rail as a tourist project. When Indians came to visit China and pointed out two shortcomings of China’s high-speed rail, netizens said that they could not refute them.

1. Lunch boxes provided on the high-speed rail. A lot of friends who often go out to travel or work will have the feeling that whether on the train or high-speed rail, the lunch box provided is really not delicious. Many people hope that the price of boxed rice can be more people-friendly, and it is better to mix meat and vegetable reasonably, so that the consumers who buy it will have appetite.

2. Security inspection takes a long time. Especially on holidays, there are long lines at the security checkpoint, which takes a lot of time to pass, resulting in many people missing the driving time of high-speed rail. However, netizens pointed out that security check is mainly to ensure the safety of passengers, which is an essential procedure.

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