What are the conditions for a valid marriage?

Marriage needs to be registered. Article 8 [Marriage Registration] requires that both men and women who marry must go to the marriage registration authority to register the marriage in person. If it meets the requirements of this law, it shall be registered and a marriage certificate shall be issued. Obtaining a marriage certificate establishes the marital relationship. If the marriage registration is not completed, the registration shall be re-registered.

Fifth Article 5 of the Marriage Law stipulates that [Marriage Voluntary] Marriage must be completely voluntary by both men and women, and neither party shall be forced to interfere with the other or any third party to interfere.

The law stipulates the age of marriage, which is also a common law in many countries. The determination of the legal age of marriage is affected by two factors. The first is natural factors, that is, the physical and psychological development status and maturity of people, which is greatly affected by the geographical environment and climate. The second is social factors, that is, certain modes of production and social conditions that are compatible with them, such as politics, economy, population conditions, morals, religion, and customs . The agricultural economy of the slave society and feudal society implemented the early marriage policy, and the marriage age was generally low.

Article 4 [Family relationship] Husband and wife shall be faithful and respectful to each other; family members shall respect the old and love the young, help each other, and maintain an equal, harmonious, and civilized marriage and family relationship.

Our country is now registering a marriage, and marriage registration requires registration with the Civil Affairs Bureau to take effect. Of course, marriage also needs other conditions, such as the marriage must meet the age, the true wishes of both parties, and the blood relatives cannot marry. If you have other questions, you can consult a relevant lawyer.

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