What does the parole officer mean and who is suitable for parole?

A parole officer is a judicial officer who approves parole. This is the name of the Western countries. China does not have a parole officer. Parole in China is approved by the Trial Supervision Division of the Intermediate People s Court where the prison is located .

Parole is only applicable to criminals who are sentenced to life imprisonment, except for criminals who have been sentenced to more than 10 years in prison and life imprisonment for recidivism and violent crimes such as homicide, bombing, robbery, rape, abduction, etc. Article 81 of the Republic Criminal Code).

Parole is a conditional early release for criminals, and at the same time, the state does not rule out the possibility of continuing to execute the part of the punishment that has not yet been executed. This feature determines that parole does not apply to criminals sentenced to other sentences.

Criminals carefully observe surveillance and undergo educational reform. There is indeed a manifestation of repentance, and the society will not be endangered after parole. This is the substantive or key condition for applying parole.

Do not harm the society any more refers to those who have consistently performed well during labor reforms, have indeed shown repentance and will not re-offend, or are old, weak, sick and disabled.

First, in order to implement the policy of juvenile delinquents education, probation, and salvation, the criteria for parole of juvenile offenders can be moderately relaxed compared with juvenile offenders in accordance with the law.

Second, parole of the chief elements, principal offenders, and recidivists of criminals and criminal groups that seriously endanger national security is mainly based on their reform performance. At the same time, the circumstances of the original sentence must be considered, and special care must be taken to strictly control them.

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