What evidence is needed for domestic violence divorce

The warning could be made by the victim himself or by a neighbor who heard or saw domestic violence. After receiving a call from the police station, they will usually arrive at the scene as soon as possible. If the violence is ongoing, they will stop it. If the violence has ended, the police will take both parties back to the police station, ask the details of the incident, and record the statements of both parties. This is the alarm record. This alarm record is the best evidence of the existence of domestic violence. Since it is made by a public authority, the evidence is more effective. If the victim cannot report to the police during the violence, he can call 110 or go to the police station to report to the police within the shortest time after the violence ends.

Domestic violence generally requires the result of more than minor injuries. Therefore, a domestic violence test report is also very important evidence. After a domestic violence alarm, the police will generally issue a special injury application form to the victim and go to a designated judicial appraisal hospital for an injury appraisal. If there is no alarm, the victim can also go to the hospital for an injury and keep the injury report as evidence of domestic violence. In addition, the parties can also take photos of their injuries and save them . It is worth reminding that the reports and photos of the injured party s own inspections are not as effective as the injury reports issued by specialized judicial and judicial appraisal agencies, and the other party will generally deny the injury reports and photos of the injured party in court, It will be said that the injured party accidentally injured himself.

Neighbours living next to families where violence often occurs are generally aware of the situation. A neighbour who is informed and willing to testify can be asked to testify in court, and this witness s testimony will be a good evidence of domestic violence. Victims experiencing domestic violence will usually also seek the help of a mediation organization such as a neighborhood committee, whose personnel can also testify as a domestic violence.

Domestic violence generally goes through a cycle of stress, outbreak, and honeymoon. When a perpetrator commits an atrocity, he or she usually shows remorse during the honeymoon period. At this time, they will write a confession, pledge to stop doing it, and beg for the forgiveness of the victim. However, as long as the hand is opened, it will never stop there, and domestic violence will become a routine part of the family. The confession written by the perpetrator will become evidence to prove the existence of domestic violence. The victim must keep it properly. In the confession, it is better for the violent party to write the number and time of domestic violence, so that the court can more easily determine the existence of domestic violence.

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