What to do with cold violence in family

According to China ’s Anti-Domestic Violence Law, if a child is subjected to domestic cold violence, other interested parties of the child may report the situation to the neighborhood committee, village committee, school and other units.

Article 13 Victims of domestic violence, their legal representatives, and close relatives may file a complaint, report or ask for help with the victim or victim s unit, residents committee, villagers committee, women s federation and other units . Relevant units shall give help and deal with complaints, reports or requests for domestic violence.

Article 14 Schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, residents committees, villagers committees, social work service agencies, rescue management agencies, welfare agencies and their staff find that persons without civil capacity or persons with limited civil capacity have suffered or are suspected in their work. Anyone who suffers from domestic violence shall report the case to the public security organ in a timely manner. The public security organ shall keep the information of the reporter confidential.

Criminalally, if the perpetrators cause minor injuries, serious injuries, or deaths to family members, which constitute a crime, the judicial organs shall be held accountable for their criminal responsibility. If the victim who has caused minor injuries has evidence to prove it, the victim can directly bring a lawsuit to the people s court to sue the perpetrator for the crime of injury. The victim must provide a forensic expert and proof of the violence. If serious injuries or deaths are caused, investigations will be conducted by public security organs.

Administrative Administratively, if the violence is relatively light and causes minor injuries, if the victim requests it, the public security organ may warn, fine, or detain the aggressor in accordance with the regulations on public security management penalties.

In civil terms, the aggressor is the faultless party and the aggressor is the faulty party. If divorce is caused by domestic violence, the faulty party shall be liable for damages, including property damages and moral damages. The faultless party shall pay for the medical expenses, lost work, and nursing expenses due to the violence. If the faultless party is disabled, it shall also bear the disability compensation of the faultless party. In addition, the wrongdoing party should compensate the moral damage caused by the non- faulting party . A no-fault party may accompany the criminal claim for compensation for property damage, or it may file a separate civil action.

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