Will new crimes be suspended and punished?

Article 69 [General Principles of Simultaneous Punishment of Multiple Offences] Where a sentence is pronounced for a previous crime committed by a person, in addition to the death sentence of life imprisonment, the sentence shall be below the sum of the sentences and above the maximum of several sentences. However, the maximum control period cannot exceed three years, the maximum period of detention cannot exceed one year, and the total term of imprisonment is less than 35 years, and the maximum period cannot exceed 20 years. For the total sentence of more than 35 years, the maximum period cannot exceed 25 years …

Those who have been sentenced to several years of imprisonment and detention shall be sentenced to imprisonment. Among the several crimes, there are sentences of imprisonment and control, or detention and control. After the execution of the term of imprisonment and detention, the control must still be implemented.

If there are additional crimes sentenced in multiple crimes, the additional punishment must still be executed. Among them, those with the same type of additional penalty shall be executed jointly, and those with different types shall be executed separately.

Article 77 [Cancellation of Probation and Handling] If a probationer is declared a new crime within the probation period, or if he finds that there are no other crimes before the sentence is announced, the probation should be revoked. Or the newly found crime shall be judged, and the punishment imposed on the previous and subsequent crimes shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of Article 69 of this Law.

Criminals who have been sentenced to probation shall, within the probation test period, violate laws, administrative regulations or relevant departments of the State Council with regard to the supervision and management of probation, or violate the prohibition order in the judgment of the people s court. penalty.

Our law stipulates that multiple crimes can be punished in this case, and a new sentence is required. Then, it may be punished by a corresponding sentence of imprisonment, which needs to be viewed based on the specific crime situation.

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