Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas users apply for personal authentication process Log in to Alipay account (), click [Account Settings]-[Basic Information]-[Authenticate Now] Enter the authentication page, click [Certify Now] Go to the authentication page and select the country (eg Hong Kong, China). Fill in the name, certificate number, certificateRead More →

In the construction of a clean government, it is of great significance. Song Zhenzong s official file system and recommended accountability system have been formed. Since then, officials have records of any mistakes they have made, and even recommenders must be held accountable. The well-known Tribunal has also made itsRead More →

The Banpo site is located in Banpo Village in the eastern suburbs of Xi an, on a secondary platform on the east bank of the Luchan River. The Banpo site is one of the typical cultural sites of Yangshao in the Neolithic era in China. It is from 6800 toRead More →

I announce the official opening of the Second China International Import Expo! At the opening ceremony of the Second International Expo, President Xi delivered a keynote speech, focusing on the historical trend of Pentium forward, and proposed 3 points to promote the construction of an open world economy. The initiativeRead More →

There are three main aspects of folk culture Material and folklore culture, with production, exchange, transportation, clothing, food, and residence as the main content; Social folk culture, focusing on families, relatives, villages and towns, social structure, and etiquette; Spiritual folk culture, including beliefs, ethics, folk oral literature, folk art, andRead More →