Recently, under the guidance of the people’s Bank of China, Tencent has reached a series of cooperation with visa, MasterCard, americanexpress, discover global network (including Diners Club) and JCB international card organizations to support international credit card issued overseas to bind wechat payment, and has supported dozens of businesses coveringRead More →

In Melbourne, there are many high-quality universities. Among the eight universities in Australia, two are located in Melbourne, namely the University of Melbourne and Monash University. In addition, there are also universities such as Royal Melbourne University of technology, Swinburn University of science and technology, Victoria University and so on.Read More →

The Organizing Committee of the International Online China Overseas Talent Exchange Conference and the 21st Guangzhou Science and technology exchange conference of Chinese overseas students held a press conference in Beijing, announcing that the 2019 China Overseas Talent Exchange Conference (hereinafter referred to as “2019 fair”) will be held inRead More →

More than 10000 cities in the world are included in the list, with China accounting for 7 Among them, 2 are within 20, 4 are within 40 Among the most popular countries to study abroad, British cities are very outstanding The United States, with its famous schools, has no chanceRead More →