On the morning of November 14, the Organizing Committee of the 2019 China Overseas Talent Exchange Conference and the 21st Guangzhou Science and technology exchange conference of Chinese overseas students held a press conference in Beijing, announcing that the 2019 maritime Fair will be held in Guangzhou from December 18Read More →

Recently, in the past two to three years, Thailand’s local overseas share of the real estate market has been particularly active. In particular, overseas customers in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong market will transfer their investment asset allocation to Thailand, because Thailand is currently a very competitive and attractiveRead More →

On November 21st, Nigeria’s 12th Abuja International Arts and Crafts Fair held a colorful “China Day” event. Official of the Cultural Affairs Office of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, head of the National Arts and Culture Council of Nigeria, head of the Nigerian company of the Wada era, and culture,Read More →