Recently, the convenience of rebate now for departure tax rebates has come to Shanghai. In the future, foreigners will come to Shanghai for shopping. With one hand of goods, they will receive tax cash in one hand, and the shopping experience will be greatly improved. China Business News reporter learnedRead More →

For those who study abroad, remittances abroad are troublesome. Previously, the common payment methods for studying abroad were bank wire transfers or third-party cross-border payment platforms. When remittances, a series of fees such as exchange rate differences, handling fees, and full account payment fees were generated. Usually, several hundred toRead More →

Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas users apply for personal authentication process Log in to Alipay account (), click [Account Settings]-[Basic Information]-[Authenticate Now] Enter the authentication page, click [Certify Now] Go to the authentication page and select the country (eg Hong Kong, China). Fill in the name, certificate number, certificateRead More →

Since the reform and opening up, Chinese universities have begun to accept international students. As of 2018, the number of international students in China has exceeded 100,000, distributed among more than 600 universities in China. On the other hand, in the ranking of universities by world institutions, the number ofRead More →